This is a collection of image resources I find very useful to work with and some podcasts I listen to.


A great aggregate of free stock images, videos & icons.
Death To the Stock Photo
You get free photos every month right into your inbox.
Jay Mantri
Free pics for you to make some magic with them.
Little Visuals
7 hi-res images zipped up in your inbox every 7 days.
Made in Moments
Free Travel Journey Photos from Marinam, Tomy and Ruby.
Hand-picked free Photos for your inspiration.
New Old Stock
Vintage photos from the public archives.
Another aggregate site. 5 new high-quality photos each day.
Totally free photos for your commercial & personal works.
Free hi-resolution photos in a stream.
Over 270.000 free images, vectors & illustration.
Skuawk Public Domain Photos
Free, beautiful and artistically loud
Startup Stock Photos
Take ’em, these things are free. Go. Make something.
Stock Up
An aggregate and meta search presenting great collections.
Super Famous
Hi-res photos by the L.A. based studio Superfamous.
One more aggregator site of some collections.
Travel Coffee Book
Beautiful travel moments best served with a cup of coffee.
Free high-res stock photos, 10 photos every 10 days.


The Big Web Show
It’s everything web that matters. By Jeffrey Zeldman.
CodePen Radio
The co-founders talking about the ins and outs.
Developer Tea
10 minute podcast for developers.
The Boagworld UX Show
Discussions on web design related topics.
Responsive Design Podcast
A podcasts with the leading minds on RWD.
Friends Talk Frontend
Habits, paths and day-to-day life of web workers.
A Responsive Web Design Podcast
RWD podcast with Karen McGrane & Ethan Marcotte.
About front end web design, development & UX.
Typeradio Podcast
The radio channel on type and design.
Design Review
Weekly podcast about products and their UX.