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6 Design Blogging Tips for Beginners

| invisionapp.com | contentwriting

Keeping knowledge to yourself is lame. One of the easiest ways to give back to the design community is to write about design. I’ve been blogging about design for years, and though it’s still not a piece of cake, it’s definitely gotten easier. People often ask me for blogging advice, so I compiled this quick list of tips I’ve learned from others.

How to design words

| medium.com | uxwriting

Technically speaking, I’m a writer. I get paid to write words. But here’s something most people don’t know about me: I hate to read. Now don’t get me wrong—I still read quite a bit. I wade my way through books and blogs, news feeds and magazines. But when writers get wordy, my eyes get glossy. My brain gets bored.

Interface Writing: Code for Humans

| hazeover.com | uxwriting

From navigation links and buttons to product tours, forms, and error messages—every string in your database is an instruction. These are your signposts, and they grab your reader’s attention.