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Progressive Web App Libraries in Production

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Two years ago, our team at Google started work on JavaScript libraries to reduce the friction for building Progressive Web Apps. We started with Service Worker tools like sw-precache and sw-toolbox — now used by 1000s of brands to power offline caching & instant loading (on repeat visit) in their production mobile sites.

How to turn your website into a mobile web app

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Native Apps, like Flash, are a bridging technology. Progressive Web Apps are a new suite of technologies that combine the user experience of native, with the immediacy and reach of the web. Learn why we have them, and how to make them.

Why Native Apps Really are Doomed: Native Apps are Doomed pt 2

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I recently wrote an article called “Native Apps are Doomed.” I was surprised at how many people were defending native apps. In all honesty, the user experience story for native apps has never been impressive. The numbers paint a bleak picture for native app success rates that teams need to be aware of when they make important decisions about how to build a new app.