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Become a Better Programmer: 5 Essential Methods at a Glance

| git-tower.com | development

  1. Unit Testing. Why? Every programmer has experienced something like this: you change a bit of code in one corner, and in a (seemingly) unrelated corner, something breaks! The bitter truth is: both new and changed code will inevitably contain bugs. Use automated tests that help you keep old code stable.

The benefits of learning how to code layouts with CSS

| jensimmons.com | cssdevelopment

Yesterday, I wrote about CSS Grid. Ted Mazer responded by asking on Twitter: “As a beginning front end developer, is it going to be beneficial to jump right into becoming proficient at this layout style?”

Annotation is now a web standard

| hypothes.is | webdevelopment

Many have tried over the years to bring us web annotations. The lack of standards has been one of the key things holding these efforts back– a need we highlighted in the first of our 12 original principles back in 2013 and have been working towards ever since.

Checklist driven development

| linkedin.com | development

Programming - it’s probably the most intellectually demanding pursuit on the earth. Whilst solving a bug, you have to simultaneously hold a mental image of the entire codebase’s architecture in your mind, whilst considering the syntactical idiosyncrasies of your programming language of choice and making sure that your new code is written in a clear manner so that other engineers can understand it without needing to come and bother you about it months later. It’s no wonder that programmers have such high IQs!

Handoffs Guide for Pixel Perfect Design. Part I.

| medium.com | uxfront enddevelopment

I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with many UI/UX designers throughout my career, and I’ve noticed one very interesting thing about how they work: They don’t use established guides to complete projects. If you are a new developer at a company, team members can send you links to a GitFlow or GitHubFlow, and you will learn everything you need to know about repository management in 10 minutes.

Documentation driven development

| medium.com | developmentdocumentation

This post describes how the mobile team at Blacklane works with documentation. We don’t claim that writing a documentation makes everyone’s work better however the documentation we write and maintain definitely makes our own work better and easier. When you do something long enough, you can see how your practice evolves along with your progress.

8 hints for keeping your project well documented

| medium.com | agiledevelopment

During every project a lot of knowledge is “stored” in team members brains. Unfortunately, human memory is not the safest place to keep valuable information and that’s why you have to secure the project knowledge “on paper” (of course you will use computer for that). In this article I’ll try to give some hints that I’ve found reasonable for the 3 most common types of documents.

15 Chrome Extensions that Simplify Web Development

| developerdrive.com | webdevelopment

Working as a web developer, you probably spend a lot of time using your browser of choice. While almost every browser has its own developer tools that allow you to see what’s going on behind the scenes, some of them have plenty of extensions that help you streamline the development process.

Learning from Lego: A Step Forward in Modular Web Design

| alistapart.com | cssdevelopment

With hundreds of frameworks and UI kits, we are now assembling all kinds of content blocks to make web pages. However, such modularity and versatility hasn’t been achieved on the web element level yet. Learning from Lego, we can push modular web design one step forward.

The State of Responsive Web Design

| gymnasium.github.io | webdesigndevelopment

A conversation about the past, present, and future state of responsive web design with special guests Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane.