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Implementing Critical CSS on your website

| nystudio107.com | cssperformance

When I mention Critical CSS to many frontend developers, I’m often met with a countenance that’s a subtle mixture of confusion and skepticism. “Oh, you’re one of those guys,” they think. Fringe.

The benefits of learning how to code layouts with CSS

| jensimmons.com | cssdevelopment

Yesterday, I wrote about CSS Grid. Ted Mazer responded by asking on Twitter: “As a beginning front end developer, is it going to be beneficial to jump right into becoming proficient at this layout style?”

CSS and progressive enhancement

| justmarkup.com | cssprogressive enhancement

When people talk about progressive enhancement it is often reduced to JavaScript. It involves much more – accessibility, performance, robustness… and also CSS. Badly written CSS can make a site as usable as a JavaScript error or using non-semantic HTML.

How calc() Works

| bitsofco.de | css

The CSS3 calc() function allows us to perform mathematical operations on property values. Instead of declaring, for example, static pixel values for an element's width, we can use calc() to specify that the width be the result of the addition of two or more numeric values.

CSS Architecture for Multiple Websites With SASS

| medium.com | sasscss

My name is Elad Shechter and for the last 5 years I have been working at Walla! News web development team. Walla! is one of the most well-established news website and mail provider in Israel, as it provides also many other products.

How Flexbox works — explained with big, colorful, animated gifs

| freecodecamp.com | cssflexbox

Flexbox promises to save us from the evils of plain CSS (like vertical alignment). Well, Flexbox does deliver on that goal. But mastering its new mental model can be challenging.

Let’s Look at 50+ Interesting CSS Properties & Values

| css-tricks.com | css

Can it be done with CSS? Do I need JavaScript? I know a lot of us ask these question when looking at designs and interactions. Recently I decided to dig into CSS and learn all of the properties. I spent a lot of time reading reference material, writing code, and finding new solutions to old problems with my newfound knowledge.

Handling spacing in a UI component library

| medium.com | cssdesign system

Building a highly consumable UI component library is no easy feat and this article will focus on one particular tricky aspect of it: outer component spacing.

Implementing baseline rhythm in CSS

| medium.com | cssux

Vertical rhythm is a typographic concept that’s so often misunderstood by front-end engineers. By aligning type to a vertical grid, designers can make their work look harmonious and clean. And by having the same visual rhythm implemented correctly, front-end architects can achieve consistent, good-looking results more easily and in shorter time. All that without the need for designers’ input in the process.

Understanding Flexbox: Everything you need to know

| medium.freecodecamp.com | cssweb development

This article will cover all the fundamental concepts you need to get good with the CSS Flexbox model. It’s a long one, so I hope you’re ready for it.