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6 Design Blogging Tips for Beginners

| invisionapp.com | contentwriting

Keeping knowledge to yourself is lame. One of the easiest ways to give back to the design community is to write about design. I’ve been blogging about design for years, and though it’s still not a piece of cake, it’s definitely gotten easier. People often ask me for blogging advice, so I compiled this quick list of tips I’ve learned from others.

Copy If You Can: Improving Your UI Design Skills With Copywork

| smashingmagazine.com | contentui

There’s a technique for improving one’s user interface design skills that is the most efficient way I know of expanding one’s visual vocabulary but that I’ve rarely heard mentioned by digital designers.

How to design better websites by writing them first

| userbrain.net | web designcontent

Remeber Oliver Reichenstein claimed that web design is 95% typography? This article by Stefan Rössler shows a real life example.

4 tips on how to improve your conversions through web design

| inspiredm.com | web developmentseocontentui

4 questions you should be asking yourself as you design websites for businesses to improve conversions and deliver an intuitive UI.