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Quick Notes

This is the place where I just take some notes on links, articles, podcasts, videos, references and other design, web and app related goodies I find on the interwebs. Kind of bookmarking for later read or use.

Color in UI Design: A (Practical) Framework

| marvelapp.com | uidesign

Being pretty self-taught as far as UI design goes, I’ve always wondered why so many articles and books talk about color theory and palettes. In my experience, using a “split complementary palette” is about 0% predictive of me making nice-looking designs.

How to craft more usable, useful, and engaging content

| invisionapp.com | content strategydesign

Content is about more than just words on a page. It’s about conveying information, providing knowledge, and telling stories.

Getting started with variable fonts

| clagnut.com | typography

In october 2016, version 1.8 of OpenType was released, and with it an extensive new technology: OpenType Font Variations. More commonly known as variable fonts, the technology enables a single font file to behave like multiple fonts. This is done by defining variations within the font, which are interpolated along one or more axes. Two of these axes might be width and weight, but the type designer can define many others too.

Design Your Content Typography First (and a Look at Type Nugget)

| css-tricks.com | typography

How often have you seen a "completed" site that still has lorem ipsum text lurking in the quiet corners? While we often strive for perfection in our designs and code, I am reminded every time I stumble across a garbled bit of lorem ipsum that not all aspects of web development process are given the attention they deserve.

Do responsive sites have to be so tall on mobile?

| viget.com | responsive designmobile

When designing responsive sites, we tend to focus a lot on keeping content nicely formatted within all the various screen widths in the world today. This makes sense given that horizontal scrolling is not particularly user-friendly, so constraining the design to the browser's viewport width is generally a given.

10 mistakes that are ruining the success of your digital projects

| boagworld.com | digital strategy

The nature of digital requires a unique approach to managing projects. We need to embrace new working practices if we want to see success.

UX Research Cheat Sheet

| nngroup.com | ux

User-experience research methods are great at producing data and insights, while ongoing activities help get the right things done. Alongside R&D, ongoing UX activities can make everyone’s efforts more effective and valuable. At every stage in the design process, different UX methods can keep product-development efforts on the right track, in agreement with true user needs and not imaginary ones.

My Big Fat UX Wedding

| medium.com | ux

As a UX designer with a background in Law and Visual Communication, I have been solving problems for a while. Yet, little can prepare oneself for solving a challenge of a different kind: your very own wedding.

On Design Tools and Processes

| viljamis.com | designprocess

For the past year(s) I’ve been chasing for answers. Looking for new tools, thinking about design processes and figuring out what design really means to me. At times I’ve felt so disconnected with our pro­cesses that I’ve wondered if my career choice was right.

Design for the feedback you want

| prototypr.io | uxdesign

A great design critique will leave you feeling motivated and focused. A less valuable one can leave you feeling frustrated and stuck. There could be many reasons why you aren’t finding your design critiques helpful. If you consistently find yourself in this scenario, maybe it’s time to rethink how you’re presenting your work.